Visitor Tips, Multilingual Support

Visitor Tips

Visitors are free to tour the museum on their own.
(A self-guided tour of the museum typically takes about 1.5 to 2 hours.)

Guided tours (free, in Japanese)

  Automobile Gallery
(Duration: approx. 60 min.)
Cultural Gallery
(Duration: approx. 30 min.)
Round 1 10:15-11:15
(max. 20 people)
(max. 20 people)
Round 2 14:00-15:00
(max. 20 people)
Guided tours

For availability of tours on other schedules than the above, please ask our staff.

To participate, please come to the information desk and register before the tour starts.

* The tours may be cancelled at times for unforeseen reasons. If you plan on joining a tour, please check with us beforehand about the availability.

Pre-booked guided tours (free, in Japanese / English)

To join a tour in English, please book in advance.

Audio guide application (free, in Japanese / English / Chinese / Korean)

You can listen to the audio guide after downloading and installing the audio guide app (free of charge) on your smartphone. Find “Toyota” by searching for the store or by using the QR code, then download the app (116MB).
* As you can download the app outside the Toyota Automobile Museum, we recommend downloading beforehand, but you can listen to the audio guide only in the museum.
* Activating the application with the location information function set to“ON”and checking in at the reception on the first floor of the Automobile Gallery or at the Toyoda Model AA enables the audio guide service.
* We recommend using earphones in the museum for more comfortable listening.


Multilingual Support

Explanatory panels

Explanatory panels are written in four languages (Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean), except for some panels that are in Japanese and English only.

Museum guide leaflets

The leaflets are available in 6 languages.

The leaflets are available in 16 languages.

Please observe the following rules when visiting our museum.

  • Please refrain from bringing umbrellas into the museum. (Please use the umbrella stand located at the entrance.)
  • You are welcome to take pictures for non-commercial purposes. However, please refrain from using a tripod, and be sure the photo shoot does not disturb other visitors in any way. (Commercial photo-taking is not allowed.)
  • Please refrain from eating, drinking, or smoking in the exhibition rooms. No pets are allowed (except for assistance dogs including guide dogs, service dogs, and hearing dogs).
    * No pets can be checked in at the reception desk.
  • Please keep out of the roped-off areas, and refrain from touching the vehicles.
  • Use of paints or easels is not allowed.
  • Please keep an eye on your children at all times.
  • No persons under the influence of alcohol are admitted.
  • Please refrain from disturbing other visitors.
  • The museum is not held responsible for any trouble that may arise between visitors.
  • Those who disturb other visitors may be refused entry or asked to leave.