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Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) are an attempt to solve the various problems of traffic and transportation, including traffic congestion, environmental impact and energy-related issues, through the use of electronics and telecommunications technology.
Electronic Toll Collection System
The Electronic Toll Collection system (ETC) uses telecommunications technology to automatically collect toll charges from vehicles passing toll points on toll roads. The system is expected to lead to easing of traffic congestion around tollgates and reduce exhaust emissions as vehicles drive through without stopping. Toyota has been commissioned with the installation of ETC facilities on major roads such as the Tomei and Meishin Expressways. Further, Toyota has developed a retrofit-type ETC on-board unit and sold some 197,000 units in FY2002.
Intelligent Multi-mode Transit System
IMTS that started operation at Park England Hill Area on Awaji Island
IMTS (Intelligent Multi-mode Transit System) is a transit system that combines the advantages of rail and bus transport. Vehicles travel in single file under automatic piloting on a dedicated roadway but can also be driven manually on public roads. Amidst the growing appreciation of the importance of public transit systems as one means of resolving the environmental issues posed by urban transportation, such as traffic congestion, air pollution, and traffic accidents, Toyota is engaged in efforts to develop the IMTS, which boasts low cost and little environmental impact.
In 2001, it was introduced at the Awaji Farm Park England Hill Area on Awaji Island, as a means for transport within the theme park. Approximately 700,000 visitors to the park used the IMTS in FY2002. A plan is also underway to use this system to transport visitors within the grounds of the "EXPO 2005 AICHI, JAPAN" to be held in Aichi Prefecture in 2005.
Crayon EV Commuter System
Crayon parking lot in the Toyota Head Office area
Crayon is a short-range personal transport system based on shared-use of compact electric vehicles "e-com." It provides smoother transport through the use of telecommunications technology. By linking up with existing public transportation systems, it promotes modal shifts towards railways and other transport systems and helps ease traffic congestion and reduce environmental impact. These cars are parked in front of train stations so that people can drive them in a "park and ride" fashion for commuting to work or school or to drive freely within the community. Test operations have been conducted in the Toyota Head Office area in Toyota City since 1997 and were continued in FY2002.
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