• How much impact can a car withstand?

If a car is involved in a crash, for Toyota, the safety of the people inside the car is the top priority. The cabin, where people ride, suffers little change in shape.The front or rear portion of the car body is designed to crumple first, in order to absorb the impact of the crash. Toyota combines an impact-absorbing body with a sturdy cabin to satisfy top-level world safety standards - we call this car body a Global Outstanding Assessment or GOA body. In addition, in accidents which involve pedestrians, our construction reduces the impact on the person's head or legs.

Now we will look at the question of how much impact this GOA can safely withstand. For example, in a collision between a compact car such as Vitz and a bigger 2-ton class vehicle at 55 km/h, the car is designed to maintain safety whether the impact is from the front, side or rear of the car.

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