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Robot Overview

Toyota is continuing to focus the collective experience of the Group in its development of Toyota Partner Robots, robots developed to embody kindness and intelligence and to assist with human activities. Music playing robots, a DJ robot and an “i-foot” robot will make appearances at the Toyota Group Pavilion.

Music Playing Robots & DJ Robot

1. Music Playing Robots
These robots, which are being developed to use tools, will play an entertaining role in the performance. Able to move their artificial lips with the same finesse as humans, the robots demonstrate the agility of their arms, hands and fingers as they play trumpets, tubas and drums.

2. DJ Robot
This robot, currently under development as a robot that communicates with people, will appear on stage as a DJ, carrying on a dialogue with the emcee.

Music Playing Robot and DJ Robot Design Concept
The robots are meant to express the Japanese spirit of “wa,” or harmony, and the ideal of hospitality that underpin Japanese culture. Design of the lightweight, slim-bodied robots applied cutting edge technology and focused on a finely tuned form with a pleasant expression that would express kindness and friendliness.

Main Specifications
  Type Height (mm) Weight* (kg) Joint Degrees of Freedom
Trumpet 2-Legged Walking Model 1,450 40 31
Tuba Wheeled Rolling Model 1,000 50 11
Trombone 1,000 45 11
Horn 1,000 55 20
Drums 1,000 65 16
DJ Robot 1,000 45 21
*With instrument

3. Mountable, Walking “i-foot” Robot
This 2-legged, mountable robot was developed for three-dimensional mobility, with the ability to navigate staircases. The passenger climbs on and drives with a joystick. Toyota will present this proposal for a new type of mobility at EXPO 2005 AICHI, JAPAN.

Design Concept
The egg-shaped design of the “i-foot” that wraps around the passenger is meant to express the dream of future three-dimensional mobility and the feelings of safety and reliability upon which that dream is built.

Main Features
  • The ability to mount and dismount comfortably was of primary consideration in the design of the bird-like legs, which bend toward the rear.
  • Steering and speed of the “i-foot” is controlled with a joystick, a fun form of driving different from that of conventional forms of mobility.

The i-foot in Motion
Mounting and Dismounting

Main Specifications
Height 2,360 mm
Weight 200 kg
Degrees of Freedom 12
Weight Capacity 60 kg
Walking Speed 1.35 km/h

Cabin (left): Instrument Panel
Cabin (right): Joystick Controller

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