News Release
May 13, 2005  

Toyota Outlines Fourth Toyota Environmental Action Plan
— New Plan Aims to Maintain Balance Between Growth and Harmony with Society, While Contributing to Sustainable Development —
Tokyo — TOYOTA MOTOR CORPORATION (TMC) announced today that it has established its Fourth Environmental Action Plan for initiatives that the company plans to implement from FY2006 through FY2010.

The five-year plan, directed toward the "arrival of a revitalized recycling-based society" between 2020 and 2030, sets forth the activities that Toyota needs to carry out between FY2006 and FY2010 in order to achieve the new corporate image stated in the Global Vision 2010—to become "a leader and driving force in global regeneration by implementing the most advanced environmental technologies". Reasserting the importance of environmental issues envisioned for the years between 2020 and 2030, the Fourth Environmental Action Plan focuses on four major issues: 1) energy/global warming, 2) recycling of resources, 3) management of substances of concern and 4) atmospheric quality. It calls for initiatives in the areas of development/design, procurement/production/logistics and sales/recycling.

The Fourth Environmental Action Plan is a blueprint to help Toyota contribute to the development of a sustainable society through corporate growth in harmony with society. The key ideas contained in the fourth plan include: understanding and reducing CO2 emissions levels on a global scale; reinforcing environmental management by business partners, including suppliers, dealers and overseas distributors; reducing SOC (substances of concern) based on global standards; and enhancing collaboration with society.

With this development, TMC intends to accelerate the Toyota Environmental Action Plan-based consolidated environmental management activities that it has been implementing with 564 consolidated Toyota Group companies around the world since 2001.

The first version of the Toyota Environmental Action Plan was created in February 1993. It was revised in April 1996 to become the Second Environmental Action Plan, and then again in April 2001 to become the Third Environmental Action Plan. This plan is currently in effect, and will run through the end of FY2005. All the goals it sets forth are expected to be met by the end of the fiscal year.

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