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October 10, 2007


Toyota to Display Sustainability Concepts at Tokyo Show
Tokyo — TOYOTA MOTOR CORPORATION (TMC) announced today that it plans to exhibit eight concept and 13 other vehicles at the 40th Tokyo Motor Show* under the theme: "Harmonious Drive—a New Tomorrow for People and the Planet".

In keeping with its tradition of highlighting new, automotive possibilities at the Tokyo Motor Show in the form of a wide variety of concept vehicles and groundbreaking technologies, TMC's exhibit, this time as well, is meant to provide new proposals for the automobile.  Planned highlights include a vehicle that completely redefines what it means to be environmentally considerate and one that rewrites the rules of auto design with a proposal for ultra-efficient vehicle packaging.

Through the exhibit, TMC aims to showcase its pursuit of the essential emotional appeal of cars—being fun to drive and a pleasure to use—and to indicate its approach toward making sustainable mobility a reality so that people can coexist in harmony with the environment.

Toyota concept vehicles at the 40th Tokyo Motor Show:
1. 1/X – a redefinition of "environmentally considerate"
2. RiN – a new focus on promoting well-being
3. i-REAL – a new personal mobility vehicle
4. iQ CONCEPT – ultra-efficient packaging like no other
5. Hi-CT ("hi ride city truck") – an edgy, urban vehicle
6. FT-MV ("future Toyota minivan") – a first-class, new-generation minivan
7. CROWN HYBRID CONCEPT – a hybrid luxury sedan
8. FT-HS ("future Toyota hybrid sports") – a next-generation hybrid sports car

Other Toyota vehicles at the show:
Formula One racing car: TF107
Production vehicles:
Prius ist Noah (including Welcab)
Blade Vitz Voxy (including Welcab)
Corolla Rumion Mark X ZiO Land Cruiser
Porte Welcab Estima Hybrid Vanguard



Outline of concept vehicles and TF107 F1 racing car
Vehicle name Total
Wheelbase (mm) Seating
1/X 3,900 1,620 1,410 2,600 4
RiN 3,250 1,690 1,650 2,350 4
i-REAL (low/high-speed mode) 995/1,510 700 1,430/1,125 485/1,040 1
iQ CONCEPT 2,980 1,680 1,480 2,000 4
Hi-CT 3,330 1,695 1,780 2,325 4
FT-MV 4,900 1,850 1,890 2,950 6
CROWN HYBRID CONCEPT 4,870 1,795 1,470 2,850 5
FT-HS 4,325 1,860 1,290 2,650 4
TF107 4,530 1,800 950 1

A "Tokyo Motor Show 2007 Pre-event" featuring a public display of select Toyota concept vehicles, such as the i-REAL, is to be held at Omotesando Hills (Oct. 10-14) and Tokyo Midtown (Oct. 18-21) in the run-up to the Tokyo Motor Show.

I. Concept Vehicles

The 1/X (pronounced "one-Xth") is a concept vehicle that redefines from its very roots the idea of what it means to be environmentally considerate.  Among its attributes, the vehicle—with a design that aims to harmoniously coexist with people and society—weighs only “1/Xth” that of other vehicles in its class.
  • Maintains an interior space on par with that of the Prius, with an aimed-for fuel efficiency that is double and a weight reduced to 420 kilograms (about one third the weight of the Prius).
  • Combines fossil fuel consumption-reducing FFV* technology and a plug-in hybrid powertrain with a displacement of only 500cc that allows charging from an external power source and a longer electric-motor cruising distance; thus, in addition to being adapted for energy diversity, emits less CO2 and contributes to the prevention of air pollution.
  • Locates the power unit beneath the rear seat (for a midship, rear-wheel-drive system) to contribute to an innovative and highly efficient package.
  • Adopts light but highly rigid carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) throughout the body frame to ensure superior collision safety, while allowing narrower pillars for a better field of vision.
* Flexible fuel vehicles: Vehicles capable of running on gasoline and ethanol, etc., mixed in arbitrary proportions

The RiN focuses on "increased comfort" and "serene, healthy living".  Through their relationship to the vehicle, drivers are encouraged to reevaluate themselves and, furthermore, to turn their attention to society and nature, producing a healthy rhythm for both mind and body.
  • Promotes a healthier well-being thanks to features such as seats that help maintain good back posture and image displays aligned with the driver's psychological state that are conveyed within the meter cluster of the "mood-training" steering control.
  • In addition to featuring comfortable, heated seats, an oxygen-level conditioner and pinpoint humidifier, uses green glass that reduces infiltration of ultraviolet and infrared light and makes the surroundings seem brighter and clearer to increase cabin comfort.
  • Creates a feeling of harmony with the surrounding environment by using sliding doors with a low window that lets you view nature at ground level, as well as headlights with light distribution control that take into consideration pedestrians and vehicles coming in the opposite direction.
  • Uses the motif of the deep-rooted and tall-growing Yakusugi tree (a variety of Japanese cypress) for its exterior and interior design to express both "harmony with nature" and "healthy mind and body".
  • Contrasts deep green with beige in its interior color scheme to richen the complexions of those onboard and evoke a healthy mental and physical feeling.

The i-REAL is a personal mobility vehicle made closely in human scale as a step toward commercialization in the near future.
  • Represents the next stage of Toyota's personal mobility vehicle development, following the PM, i-unit and i-swing.
  • Uses three wheels (two at the front and one at the back), in low-speed mode, shortening its wheelbase to allow it to maneuver naturally among pedestrians at similar eyesight height without taking up a large amount of space; in high-speed mode the wheelbase lengthens to provide a lower center of gravity and better driving performance.
  • Ensures safe handling—both to the driver and those around the vehicle—by employing perimeter monitoring sensors to detect when a collision with a person or object is imminent and alerts the driver by emitting a noise and vibrating; at the same time, alerts people around it of its movements through the pleasant use of light and sound.

The iQ CONCEPT overturns the conventions of automobile design by offering ultra-efficient packaging aimed at reducing CO2 emissions.  This ultra-compact vehicle maintains the status of a premium automobile even with its exceptionally short length of less than three meters.
  • Allows for three adults and one child (or luggage) to fit comfortably inside, due to its ultra-efficient packaging, despite a compact appearance.
  • Offers a surprisingly creative interior.
  • Emphasizes power and stability through its exterior thanks to a short length and comparatively wide body.
  • Pursues outstanding fuel efficiency to reduce CO2 emissions.

The Hi-CT aims to offer a new "coolness" and new ways to have fun as a departure from conventional vehicles—an edgy, urban vehicle inspired by the thinking and lifestyles of youth.
  • Offers a new kind of automotive "cool" and sense of enjoyment.
  • Has a new look unconstrained by conventional vehicle size (length 3,330mm x width 1,695mm x height 1,780mm).
  • Adopts plug-in hybrid technology, which allows it to charge from an external power source and gives it a greater driving range when running on its battery-powered motor; by placing the battery under the floor, achieves a highly efficient cabin with a higher driver position.
  • Comes with an AC100V accessory socket that enables stored electricity—made possible by plug-in hybrid technology—to be used for a variety of applications.
  • Features a removable rear trunk and a deck where surfboards, bicycles and other equipment can be loaded.

The FT-MV makes its presence felt as a first-class, new-generation minivan.
  • Boasts a bold, vibrant and stately exterior.
  • Includes luxurious, second-row seats with fully automatic ottomans, using soft ambient lighting to create an elegant space.

The CROWN HYBRID CONCEPT's latest hybrid system, VDIM (Vehicle Dynamics Integrated Management) and other features, result in an advanced fusion of driving, environmental and safety performance.  The time has come to present the next-generation inspirational luxury sedan.
  • Comes with THS II*, which has a two-stage motor speed reduction device that helps achieve distinctively smooth acceleration, high fuel efficiency, low CO2 and other exhaust emissions and quietness.
  • Adopts a TFT (thin film transistor) LCD "Finegraphic Meter" to provide the driver with a variety of information in an easier-to-see and easier-to-understand way.
  • Ensures excellent vehicle stability and a high level of preventive safety through VDIM with active steering control, to achieve optimal balance among drive power, steering and braking.
  • Employs 10 SRS (Supplemental Restraint System) airbags for outstanding safety performance.
* Toyota Hybrid System

As a next-generation hybrid sports car, the FT-HS does not compromise in its aim of offering driving excitement and being environmentally considerate.
  • Offers the exceptionally smooth cruising of a hybrid vehicle combined with high fuel efficiency, reduced CO2 and other emissions and a quiet cabin, on top of the driving excitement of rear-wheel drive.
  • Features a hybrid system with a 3.5-liter V6 gasoline engine.
  • In addition to carbon-fiber wheels, uses special large-diameter and wide tires—245/35R21 up front and 285/30R21 in the rear.
  • Full attention paid to utility, despite being a 2 + 2 seat convertible coupe.

II. TF107 Formula One racing car
The TF107 is a currently competing F1 racing car that boasts superior aerodynamic performance and a highly reliable engine, making Toyota's first-ever victory an ever-closer possibility.
  • Packed with technology developed over Toyota's five years of F1 experience.
  • Represents Toyota's unshakeable enthusiasm for the sport.

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The Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association, Inc. will hold a test-ride event at the site, where TMC will show the TOYOTA FCHV and other vehicles.

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