Group Visits, School Visits

Information on Group Visits (Early reservation recommended)

  • Group discounts apply to groups of 20 or more.
  • Guided tours can also be arranged for group visits. Please check for availability beforehand.
  • Lunch and box lunch menus at our restaurant can be pre-arranged to suit your budget. Please consult with us when booking your visit.
  • The museum guide leaflets can be mailed ahead if so desired. Please note that the delivery would take about a week after you've made the request.
    (When making a reservation, note in the remarks section how many advance copies you'd need. International shipping is available.)

Group visit/lunch reservations

Request brochures

Information on School/Kindergarten Visits (Chaperoned by Teachers)

  • School visit discounts apply.
  • Admission is free for chaperoning teachers.
    (With kindergarten visits, admission is free for chaperones other than teachers, too.)

* Programs and workbooks are available only in Japanese.

Contact for visit inquiries:
Tel: (+81) 561-63-5155
Hours: 9:30-17:00