TOYOTA Inquiry regarding royalty-free availability of electrification technologies up to 2030

Inquiry regarding royalty-free availability of electrification technologies up to 2030

Welcome to the official corporate homepage of Toyota Motor Corporation.
Please use the following form to make an inquiry related to the royalty-free availability of electrification technology patents.
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After sending the form, the responsible division inside Toyota will confirm the entered information and respond to the inquiry by email.
  1. The objective of making these electrification technology patents available for royalty-free use is to encourage the wider popularization of electrified vehicles. Therefore, this offer principally extends to companies involved in the manufacturing and sales of electrified vehicles (such as HEVs, PHEVs, BEVs, and FCEVs) and their component parts.
  2. Responses to the inquiry may require several hours or days. Thank you for your understanding.
  3. The inquiry will be handled by TOYOTA Connected Corporation under a contract with Toyota Motor Corporation. Personal information on the inquiry form will only be used to respond to the customer's inquiry. Please note that when considering the response, details of the inquiry may be disclosed by Toyota Motor Corporation to the relevant companies.
  4. Please refer to Toyota Privacy Notice of Toyota Motor Corporation for details of personal information protection and the handling of personal information on this website.
  5. The response from Toyota Motor Corporation will be sent to the customer's address for the purpose of answering the inquiry. Consequently, we ask that customers refrain from forwarding all or part of the response, or from using the response for any other purpose.
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