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How Are Cars Made?
Research and Development of New Cars
Design, Planning, and Manufacture of Prototypes
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Making Cars that Are Environmentally-friendly
Making Cars that Are People-friendly
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How Are Cars Made?
Research and Development of New Cars
Design, Planning, and Manufacture of Prototypes Let's watch an animation
We think carefully about design, including styling.
When have finished investigating the car we will make, we prepare sketches of the car.
We try to make the best possible car and check and revise the plans repeatedly.
When we are done investigating the new car, we prepare sketches so we can see what it looks like.
We consider many different aspects of the design such as the outside shape and the inside shape and color.
There are many things to decide about the interior, including the shape of the seats and meters, what materials we will use, and the layout of the different parts.

Car sketches
Let's watch a short clip.
After ideas are narrowed down to a few sketches, computers are used to make three-dimensional images, and actual size clay models are made. A single idea is then chosen to be made into a beautiful design.

3D images are used to confirm the design.

A clay model
Let's watch a short clip. Let's watch a short clip.
We also use computers to design cars.
Once the design is decided, computers are used to create designs for the interior and exterior furnishings and the detailed parts. Designs are also created for the parts that provide the basic functions--driving, turning, and stopping--such as the engine and brakes.

Specific designs are created on computers.
We make prototypes according to the design.
Prototypes are made according to the design and many different tests are performed.
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