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Why We Make Eco Cars
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Making Cars that Are Environmentally-friendly
Why We Make Eco Cars
Why We Make Eco Cars Let's watch an animation
Toyota is making Eco Cars that are environmentally-friendly.
Why has Toyota started making environmentally-friendly cars?
Reason 1 In order to make good use of the earth's remaining non-renewable resources
The society we live in gets almost all of its energy from oil and other fossil fuels. Some of the uses for oil are making gasoline for cars and kerosene for heaters in winter. However, oil is a limited resource. That's why we have to use the oil that we have very carefully, by making cars that can run on just a small amount of gasoline and cars that run on fuels that don't come from oil.
Reason 2 In order to reduce the CO2 in the atmosphere, which causes global warming
CO2 = Carbon Dioxide
There are about 1.1 billion cars being driven in the world today, and this number is expected to only get bigger. We need to work to lower the amount of CO2 emitted by cars, even if just by a little.
Special Info!What is an Eco Car?
Eco Cars are environmentally-friendly cars developed to help reduce the amount of non-renewable resources used and the amount of CO2 produced by producing clean emissions, running efficiently (using little fuel), producing little CO2, and not relying only on oil.
Cars have played a big role in the development of the economy and industry as well as lifestyles and culture. But cars use fossil fuels and produce CO2.
This is why Toyota is conducting research and development to develop a range of environmentally-friendly vehicles toward realizing the ultimate Eco Car.
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