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Making Cars that Are Environmentally-friendly
Helping to Protect the Environment
Environmentally-friendly Car Manufacturing Factories
Let's watch a video clip about environmental measures at the factory!
Let's watch an animation
Toyota's environmentally-friendly efforts aren't just with cars!
That's right.Toyota takes many different measures to make use of the natural environment and achieve harmony with nature at its car manufacturing factories.
#1!  We do our best not to pollute the air.
Toyota uses environmentally-friendly, water-based paints to paint cars. Also, pollutants are removed before they are released through smokestacks so they don’t pollute the air.
#2!  We conserve energy and help prevent global warming.
Toyota works to save energy by thinking of ways to run machines on as little power as possible and by turning off lights during off-times. By saving on electricity, we reduce the amount of CO2 (carbon dioxide) emitted. Toyota is also installing solar panels on the roofs of its factories so electricity made from sunlight can be used by the factories.
This factory has 12,000 solar panels (equal to about 60 tennis courts).
 By using electricity from sunlight, we can reduce CO2 emissions by 740 tons a year. This is about the same of CO2 that would be generated from burning 1,500 barrels of oil.
#3!  We keep the water clean.
Toyota factories use a lot of water every day. That's why we have wastewater treatment facilities at the factories. Water used at factories is made clean before being released to the outside. Also, Toyota makes every effort to use as little water as possible when making cars.
Wastewater treatment facility
#4!  We keep down the noise and smell our factories make.
Toyota makes sure that loud noises and bad smells don't get out of our factories. We use machines that make as little noise as possible, and we surround noisy equipment with sound-absorbing panels. Also, Toyota factories are surrounded by trees to help block the noise, and we have deodorizing equipment for getting rid of bad smells that come out of the factory.
#5!  We work hard to make the environment greener.
Toyota is growing forests filled with trees and plants inside its factory sites, making environments that are in harmony with the surrounding areas. Toyota’s factory workers grow some of the baby trees that are planted in these forests from acorns!
Factory workers and members of the local community have planted about 50,000 trees.
#6! We are making homes for living things!
Toyota made an area with water and plants known as a biotope so that the plants and animals around the factory can live within the factory site. Killifish, loaches, and other animals live here.
The biotope
 Biotope is a word created from the German words "bio" (living thing) and "top" (place).
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