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Introducing the Characters
Carpy Miracle Toyotan
(known as “Carpy”)
*Origin of name: Combination of “car” plus a “peeping”
digital sound, creating an image of communication
between cars and people.
A student who arrived from outer space on September 1, 2003 (the day the second-generation Prius went on sale) to learn more about studying at schools on Earth. He is now living at Toyota Motor Corporation.
Every day, he uses the antenna on his head to exchange information with his friends on the planet Toyotan and also to hand in his homework to his school!
He would like to invite all his friends that he made at the Toyota Children's Web Site (including the Question siblings, the bunny rabbits), and visitors to the Web site to visit the planet Toyotan.
11 years old (about one year old in alien years)
He is very curious and likes to experience and study many things. He is especially interested in cars! Since coming to Toyota, he has seen, done, and studied many exciting things—and he wants to learn more about cars.
Height and Weight
Impossible to measure
Current home
1, Toyota-cho, Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture
Birthplace: The planet Toyotan (Toyota's sister planet)
Family members
Father, mother, younger sister and a pet (a creature which looks like a cross between an octopus and a giraffe)
Daily chores
· Polishing the antenna on his head
· Handing in his homework
· Correspondence (he communicates with friends by antenna)
· Talking about cars
· Taking walks in the Forest of Toyota (in Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture)
· Listening to cars honking (particularly the Prius)
· Soccer (Nagoya Grampus Eight fan)
Littering, people touching the antenna on his head
Favorite foods
· Sushi (the number one thing he wanted to try eating on Earth)
· Roast dago (dago: a strange creature living on the planet Toyotan)
· Rinko (a kind of mushroom that grows on the planet Toyotan)
· Miso soup made with Hatcho Miso from Aichi Prefecture (from the first time he tried it)
28 years old (about two years old in rabbit years)
Hoppie hopes to become a guide who can show the factory to creatures throughout the universe, including overseas visitors and even aliens (like Carpy). Her motto is: "Be kind and sincere every day."
· Collecting bow ties
· Watching the cars being painted
A guide who takes people on fun and safe factory tours
*Origin of name: The image of a rabbit hopping
Sato-kun (left) and Suzuki-kun (right)
They are classmates at Rabbit School. Sato-kun is the class president and Suzuki-kun is the vice president of the student council.
11 years old (about four months old in rabbit years)
They enjoy social studies and love watching and hearing about how things are made. Both are eager to teach what they know to their classmates.
· Wiping their glasses
· When their friends say “Awesome!” to describe something Sato-kun or Suzuki-kun has done.
Boys and girls (from the left, boy, girl, girl, boy, boy)
11 years old (just under one year old in bird years)
All five are very friendly and are loved by their friends in the forest. They enjoying quizzing people and often say: “I have a question for you.”
· Asking the question: “Why?”,that question is always repeated at least five times.
· Seeing who can stretch their legs the highest.
Question siblings(Chirpy, Cheepy, Chippy, Chickie, Charlie)
Quintuplets that Carpy met when he was exploring the forest.
A master magician of the mysterious. No one knows who he is and where he comes from, but when it comes to magic, there are none better.
Looks to be in his twenties (about 2 years old in duck years)
His life is a mystery, but he is a gentleman duck who loves to surprise and amaze people. When he pulls off a magic trick, he yells: “Wonderful!”
That's a mystery!
(But to let you in on a secret, he does like learning new tricks to help people get a better understanding of the environment.)
We all work at Toyota!
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